'17 Knoxville Double Century Staff

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There are two primary functions: staffing/stocking the rest stops; and driving SAG. We also can use help a few days before the ride purchasing/organizing rest-stop supplies and a few days after cleaing and packing gear and the like. One final service opportunity is in supporting the staff ride which will be held September 23rd this year. The staff ride can be a long day, but in recent times we've done our best to share the load among several people so that you're not out there all day.

Rest stops are open between 2.5 and 6 hours with the later rest stops being open longer as the riders get more spread out. The primary function of the rest stop workers is to assist riders as they come through. The fast riders tend to spend little, if any, time at the rest stops, with the time spent by riders increasing as the field moves through. The early rest stops can be a bit hectic at times, especially the first one. Each stop is well stocked with provisions that we have found to be appropriate at different points in the ride. Each rest stop will have a captain (are you interested?) and an assistant to provide direction to the group. The rest stops and related open times are listed below. The open times are correct. The closing times are estimates as the official close time is when the last rider departs. It generally takes two trucks to stock each rest stop. If you would be willing to stop by the Quack house (Rory's house where we stage the event) on the way and help transport supplies, please let me know what kind of vehicle. And of course there is always stuff leftover (our goal is not to run out, and thus there is always extra) that needs transporting back to the Quack house when the rest stop closes. If you can help on the back end just let me know.

SAG drivers generally drive from early until late, although on occasion we have had people drive a part of the day. You need to be confident driving around cyclists. Most likely you will drive between 300 and 400 miles before the day is done. It is also helpful if you have a vehicle capable of carrying cyclists and their respective machines if they need to pull from the ride. SAG drivers do not generally bring riders back to Start/Finish, but rather typically carry riders that are pulling to the next rest-stop where we work out a way back to Start/Finish for them, most likely with rest stop workers when the rest stop closes.

Below you will find a list of basic opportunities. When you've decided what would work best for you, please fill out the Submit A Volunteer Request .
  Date Time Primary Location # Desired # Assigned Description
Staff Ride Support 9/23 5:00 AM
- 2:00 AM
Course 4
SAG support for Staff ride - 1st shift from Start to Lunch (5:00 AM-3:00 PM); 2nd shift from Lunch to Finish (3:00 PM - 2:00 AM).
Ride Prep - Thursday 9/28 9:00 AM
- 6:00 PM
Vacaville / Martinez 4
Inventory existing supplies. Transport equipment and supplies from East Bay to the "Quack house" in Vacaville. Organize and distribute equipment and supplies for rest stops.
Ride Prep - Friday 9/29 10:00 AM
- 5:00 PM
Vacaville 4
Quack house (Rory's home - Vacaville); Organization of equipment; Non-perishable Costco run.
Evening Registration 9/29 4:30 PM
- 9:00 PM
Pena Adobe (Start/Finish)
Rider check-in; Sale of merchandise.
Morning Registration 9/30 4:00 AM
- 6:00 AM
Pena Adobe (Start/Finish)
Rider check-in.
121 Junction 9/30 4:45 AM-Daybreak Wooden Valley Rd & Highway 121 (Mile 21.4)
Safety person to help watch for traffic as riders make left turn onto highway 121. This can be a busy road.
RS #1 - Napa River 9/30 6:30 AM
- 9:30 AM
Napa River Ecological Reserve
Rather hectic rest-stop; High energy; Excitement.
RS #2 - Berryessa 9/30 8:30 AM
- 11:45 AM
Junction of Pope Canyon and Lake Berryessa
Beautiful location at Lake Berryessa. Riders are still feeling good and energetic.
Checkpoint #2A - Knoxville Road 9/30 10:30 AM
- 2:30 PM
Approximately 1.4 miles past the mine.
1.4 miles after the tunnel. Primarily a checkpoint and water stop. Can be very important on a warm day.
RS #3 - Lower Lake 9/30 11:45 AM
- 4:15 PM
Lower Lake County Park
Lunch stop. Great little park
RS #4 - Pelican Lake 9/30 1:00 PM
- 6:30 PM
Pelican Lake @ Detert Resevoir
Beautiful spot by the reservoir. Close to Guenoc winery.
RS #5 - Lake Hennessey 9/30 2:30 PM
- 9:00 PM
Pope Valley Rd & Highway 128
Great little location at the lake (are we seeing a trend here?)
RS #6 - Pardehsa Store 9/30 5:00 PM
- 1:00 AM
Highway 128 & Pleasants Valley Rd
Just 13 miles from the end. Open for a long time. Can get cold.
Finish 9/30 5:00 PM
- 1:00 AM
Pena Adobe Park
Check-in of riders. Help with food and drinks. Hear lots of cool stories.
SAG 9/30 5:00 AM
- 1:00 AM
Entire Course
The middle of the action - all day.
Cleanup 10/1 10:00 AM
- 3:00 PM
Pena Adobe-Vacaville
Organize remains. Trip from Pena Adobe to the Quack shed (15 minutes from park). Cleanup and storage of equipment.
Ride Wrap - Monday after 10/02 8:00 AM
- 1:00 PM
Martinez 2
Inventory existing supplies. Clean and store equipment.