Terrible Two Photos:    Skaggs Springs Road and The Annapolis Loop (in course-sequential order)
  Lake Sonoma
  Leaving Lunch Stop
  Long Afternoon
  Skaggs Springs Road!
  Lake Vista
  The Road To Hell
  Another Climb
  Another Descent
  The Bridge
  The Bridge, Another Climb!
  Old Skaggs Rd. Turnoff
  Los Lomas (site)
  Los Lomas Descent
  Los Lomas Descent Continues
  Along The Gualala River
  Camp Gualala
  The Rancheria Climb
  The Wallflowers
  TT Navigation @ Annapolis Turnoff
  Annapolis Loop Turnoff
  Annapolis Loop Mile 2
  Annapolis Panoramic View
  Annapolis Winery
  Annapolis Phone
  Annapolis Post Office
  Annapolis School
  Annapolis Sheep Ranch
  Sea Ranch on Hiway 1
  Hiway 1 South to Stewarts Pt.
  Stewarts Point Barn
  Paint The World
  Stewarts Point