Mines Road - Reststop #3

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Work Time:
9:45 AM to 2:00 PM (or last rider)
Official "Open Time":
10:15 AM to 1:30 PM
Course Mileage:
Miles since last water:
11.2 (Patterson Pass Checkpoint - Water Only)
Miles to next stop:
TBD (Mines Rd Water Stop)

Directions from San Ramon:
I-680 South
I-580 East
11.4 miles - Vasco Road South exit
3.3 miles - Right Tesla Rd
0.8 miles - Left Mines Rd
3.5 miles - Left Mines Rd (junction with Del Valle Rd)
0.1 miles - Rest stop on your right

Special Instructions:

This is a cutoff point. Riders under normal circumstances must have cleared this rest stop by 1:00 in order to continue on the course. Riders arriving after 1:00 have a number of options:
1. Be SAG'd forward on the course (I don't believe anyone has ever elected this option.)
2. Given a route sheet to return fairly directly under their own power to the Marriott. It's 29 miles with minimal climbing. (Many have taken this option.)
3. Get a ride back with one of the rest stop workers. (A few have elected this.)
It's important that the HAM radio operator is made aware of any dropping and the manner of return.
Please be aware that exceptions can be made to the cutoff based on circumstances. Any exception should be cleared with the Ride Director if at all possible.

Google Map
This map shows the road but not the exact location of the rest stop. The actual location is 1/10th of a mile past where Mines Rd and Del Valle Rd split.